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Soul Split

Soul Split was my first group project piece made in Unity. Other than creating and narrating the gameplay video, I made all the in-game cutscenes using Unity's Cinemachine asset along with Unity's Timeline Tool and implemented the Mirror Puzzle's design and functionality.

At the start of the project I was involved in Soul Split's design stages which ranged from the theme to core mechanics.

Towards the last weeks of development i was involved in lighting research, bug fixing and lighting builds.


The Mirror Puzzle - 

The 'Dial' is a combination lock comprised of 4x separate rings each containing symbols unique to itself. 

The 'Mirrors' show no reflections while the player is in the 'Human Realm'.

In order to reveal the symbols that are associated with the combination lock, the player needs to enter the 'Spirit Realm' which removes the built up grime on the mirrors surface that has accumulated over the years.

Noting the symbols and their orientations, the player must input the correct symbol and orientation to solve the puzzle and unlock the door in order to collect a medallion.

This was the prototype design for the Mirror Puzzle, the goal was to document it's basic functionality.

This was the final result of the 'Dial' section of the puzzle.

This was the final result of the 'Mirror' section of the puzzle when viewed outside of the 'Spirit Realm' . To view the mirrors reflections, the player must enter the 'Spirit Realm'.

Each mirror reflected alternate symbols related to the puzzle. In order to solve the puzzle, the player needs to enter the 'Spirit Realm' to see the corresponding symbol along with it's orientation.

Above is my first ever tool created to help designers deliver narrative. Editable via the inspector with tooltips incorporated. 


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